Garage Door Installation. Should I Tackle This Myself?

garage door installation El Paso TXIf you’re a home owner in need of a new garage door or you need to replace an old or damaged one, you may be facing a rather daunting task. Adventurous do it yourselfers may do a little online research to find a quick how to guide and, with a little luck, come out on the other side of a successful project.

Make no mistake, installing a garage door is a very involved project and it’s usually best for the less experienced to seek the aid of a professional garage door installer when tackling a project of this nature. A trained professional should have plenty of experience under their belt and will come with all the knowledge necessary pertaining to the installation of garage doors and garage door openers as well as proper practices when it comes to garage door safety.

When it comes to installing a garage door, a professional will always be your best bet. Only an experienced garage door installer is aware of all of the intricacies involved in garage door safety and proper installation of doors and garage door openers. Only the most experienced of do it yourself home improvement “experts” should attempt to take something like this on without assistance.

If you’re still curious about exactly what this type of job entails, here’s a brief description of some of the steps involved. Let’s assume for the sake of time, that you’ve already safely and properly released the tension on the torsion spring and, disconnected the existing opener, and removed the old door panels as well as the tracks and frame.

Once the tension has been released on the spring, it is now safe to disconnect the opener from the garage door. This can be done by removing the panels one at a time from top to bottom and then unscrewing the track and removing it from the door frame. The following step, if you are replacing the opener as well, is to remove the opener’s track and then dismount the opener itself.

With the old garage door properly removed, along with the opener if that is a part of the project, it is now time to begin installing the new door. Note that if you are installing a two car garage or unusually wide garage door, it is important to use a reinforcing bar on the top door panel in order to prevent bending, warping, or bowing in the center of the door. Just as the old panels were removed from top to bottom, the new panels should be inserted from bottom to top before hinges and axle supports are secured.

As you can see, even just the beginning stages of installing a new or replacement garage door is a very involved process. Strong safety precautions and ensuring that all steps and procedures are completed in the proper order and the right way are very important in this type of project.

Failure to complete this step in the right manner poses a major safety risk and may cause injury to the person doing the work or possibly to others later on if quality work is not performed. This is only one reason as to why it is highly recommended to have this work done by a seasoned professional.

Now that our worker has the springs in place, he is going to install the torsion rod and pulleys. The torsion rod should insert into the holes in the side header brackets. Once the rod is in place, the pulleys attach to both ends.

The remaining of the steps involved include proper installation of the new door track, attaching a spring assembly, and properly bolting the tracks in order to ensure that the door is secure. That’s not all there is to this though.

If you’re still of the mind to attempt this job on your own, please keep safety at the front of your mind at all times. Improper execution of any of the steps involved can lead to safety risks both during and after completion of the job. The last thing you want is damage to property or injury to yourself or another person to occur due to an honest mistake.

The more adventurous among us will continue to do their research and attempt to complete this project on their own. And that’s alright! But always keep in mind that safety is our number one priority and if you find yourself facing a task that you’re not quite sure of, it’s always best to call a professional.